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Mayhems Aurora 2 Concentrate, blue - 250ml
Mayhems Aurora 2 Concentrate, blue - 250ml

Mayhems Aurora 2 Concentrate, blue - 250ml


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SKU: CB10-WAZU-584
UPC: 700443759151
EAN: 0700443759151
Warranty: 12 months

Mayhem can probably be described as the new star in the sky, the water cooling additives and coolants. The company, founded in England in 2009, it has taken on the task in accordance with the requirements of the customers effectively address the lack of high-quality, innovative dyes. The feedback from the users relate the developer of Mayhem's very direct in their manufacturing process.


The colors of the Aurora-2 series are. By light reflections in an abundance of turbulence in the liquid to an absolute specificity Memories of Northern Lights (Aurora borealis) of the Arctic Ocean are awake. Something similar can be found in the market hardly. The Aurora-2-concentrate in "Blue" invites - stretched with a pint of water - not only everyone to a to look at the inside of a water-cooled PCs, fascinates the user with an ever-new-creative patterns and wandelbarem color match.

The Aurora series is based on a proprietary blend of the finest herbal extracts that are biodegradable to 85 percent and have a very low oral toxicity. The 250 ml bottle is of course still shipped with a child safety in the lid to prevent accidental ingestion. The cooling concentrate are added corrosion protection as well as inhibitors of biological deposits and rot.

Although Mayhem is making great efforts to perfect products, there is no guarantee from the manufacturer that the ready-mixed liquids work in all systems and are compatible with any water cooling system. For an overview of the compatibility inform yourself on the English website of the manufacturer.

The system must be clean and that no chemicals of any kind in the system in place. No bleaching agents, biocides and corrosion inhibitors are used. It is recommended that either distilled water or Mayhem flash to clean your system before use.

Mayhems Aurora 2 is NOT intended for use in a 24/7 production system. It is rather for show systems and photo or video purposes.

Technical details:

     Content: 250 ml
     Color: Blue
     With corrosion protection
     Results with 500 ml water 750 ml coolant

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