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AMD FX-9590 8-core, 4.7 GHz (Piledriver) Socket AM3 + - boxed
AMD FX-9590 8-core, 4.7 GHz (Piledriver) Socket AM3 + - boxed
AMD FX-9590 8-core, 4.7 GHz (Piledriver) Socket AM3 + - boxed
AMD FX-9590 8-core, 4.7 GHz (Piledriver) Socket AM3 + - boxed

AMD FX-9590 8-core, 4.7 GHz (Piledriver) Socket AM3 + - boxed


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EAN: 0730143303637
Warranty: 12 months

On the excavator follows the drill !

Once again, AMD brings to the processors of the second generation of modern FX heavy equipment at the start, to make the competition look old.

The Bulldozer architecture Zambezi CPUs has been revised , now called Piledriver , and comes with the desktop processors called Vishera used.


The fabricated in 32 nm computational hearts are used in the known AMD Socket AM3 +, thus the chip manufacturer performs the fine tradition of high compatibility across multiple CPU generations away . Together with the very moderate cost price of the Visheras the Piledriver architecture becomes a very affordable affair.
And for the money , the buyer gets a lot of computing power ! This is at the same clock - due to the revisions - 7-8 percent above the bulldozer level. The here offered FX- 9590 features four Piledriver modules , from which eight integer cores draw their strength , with 8 MB of L3 cache available.
The clock of the FX - 9590 is already in the basic stage of incredible 4,700 MHz and rises under heavy load individual cores by Turbo Core 3.0 at up to 5,000 MHz. The integrated dual -channel DDR3 memory interface ünterstützt officially to 1,866 MHz. To rate spoiled Users are well prepared for the most demanding games and applications.
In this Boxed version of the processor includes a matching CPU Cooler AMD delivery.
Notes: Whether AM3 motherboards support the FX processors depends on the model and manufacturer. Therefore, the compatibility should be checked before the purchase. In general, the support is ensured with a BIOS update of the motherboard manufacturer.
Operation outside of the manufacturer's specifications at your own risk and is associated with a loss of warranty.
Please note that the operation of the FX- 9590 a very good processor cooling should be available to dissipate the maximum TDP of 220 watts as heat energy can ! Here the view is recommended on our range of compact water cooling systems , eg the models Alpenföhn water (WASE-147) or NZXT Kraken X60 ( WASE -161 ) .
Technical details :
Type: AMD FX- 9590
Piledriver / Vishera
Manufacturing process: 32 nm
Cores: 8 (4 Piledriver modules)
Clock: 4.7 GHz
Turbo clock ( max.): 5.0 GHz
Level 2 cache : 8 MB
Level 3 Cache: 8 MB
Storage Controller : internal
Memory Channels: 2
Memory Standard: DDR3 (up to 1866MHz )
TDP: 220 Watt
Socket Compatibility: AM3 +
Extremely high clock: up to 5 GHz
8 cores : good desktop performance
8 megabytes of L3 cache
Free Multiplier: easy overclocking
Dual - Channel Interface
Support for DDR3 -1866
Turbo Core 3.0: automatic boost in clock speed

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